This is a simple but beautiful chandelier designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Wonderglass. Grappa is inspired by a bunch of grapes on a vine that looks same but different from each other. More description by Wondergalss:

Like a bunch of grapes on a vine, nature creates beauty through variation within repetition. The bunch consists of a number of the same shaped grapes. But each grape varies slightly in size to the next.

We are attracted by the subtle variation in the silhouette. While developing our concept, we found that utilizing just two forms is enough to keep this subtle variation. The two forms, have similar shapes and are made of translucent glass, allowing the LED light source to glow from within. Our concept makes it possible to create everything from small lighting items all the way up to monumental lamp constellations. Importantly, there is also the possibility of customization for architects, allowing them to decide their own combinations and arrangements.

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