The Sidney Myer Music Bowl located in the lawns and gardens of Kings Domain, close to the Arts Centre and the Southbank entertainment precinct in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Designed by Yuncken Freeman Architects and Griffiths and Simpson during 1956, and Barry Patten as the architect. It was officially opened by Prime Minister Robert Menzies on February 12, 1959. It also registered on the Victorian Heritage list for its cultural importance to Victoria.

The Sidney Myer Music Bowl consist of 4055 square meters of thin membrane canopy made of half an inch weather-proofed plywood sheeted on both sides. A cobwebbed frame of steel cables with aluminum attached into it, supported by 21.3 meter masts pivoted to the earth. The main cable at the edge of the canopy comprises 7 ropes, each about 9 cm in diameter and 173 meters long, anchored deep into the ground in concrete blocks. There is longitudinal cables to hold up the roof and transverse cables to hold it down.

The construction starts in 1958 using new construction techniques to ensure the structure would be watertight yet aerodynamically stable and flexible. It using innovative system of cables laced together and covered with aluminium faced plywood sandwich panels. A number of engineering and scientific organisations including the Aeronautical Research Laboratories and CSIRO Forest Products Division give an input to get acoustically correct calculation.

The Sidney Myer Music Bowl has a total capacity of about 25,000. It consist of 2,150 fixed seating area and up to 23,000 people sloping lawns behind the seating area. The stage area is 27.4 metres wide by 19.5 metres deep.

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