This is a beautiful lamp designed by Mauro Del Santo with Valerio Isacchini, Giulia Cavallini, and Alessandro Evangelista. This lamp is designed based on mathematical computations and innovative wood manufacturing technologies. The result is this beautiful wooden lamp with unusual shades. You can see the video here. More Description by Mauro Del Santo:

UnSolid is an experimental design project developed with the significant contribution of Valerio Isacchini (Senior Designer), Giulia Cavallini (Junior Designer) and Alessandro Evangelista (Mathematician and Coder).

UnSolid is a research on unexpected ground-braking morphologies for Furniture and Interior Design, based on mathematical computations and innovative wood manufacturing technologies.

Prototypes are presented during the Rome Maker Faire to show the outcomes and the potential of the work focused on producing complex computer-generated surfaces with fast and economical woodworking techniques. The flexibility of the system used allows to design strongly characterizes interiors and innovative furnishing with shapes hardly producible using different technologies.

The works presented includes decorative lamps in the shape of surfaces engendered by parametric mathematical functions and developed to be produced in wood. A partition wall is also shown as a sample of a new technique developed to produce complex computer-generated geometries into surfaces for interiors such as partitions, walls, ceilings, seats and tables.

The results have been possible thanks to the use of innovative materials such as the Bendywood, a chemically treated wood with properties similar to soft metals.

Photos by Antonio Cama

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