The house located in Riva san Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland, exactly on a sloping site facing Lake Lugano and distant snow-capped mountains. It has an entrance at the upper level via a long steel bridge painted red and establishes the physical relationship between the house and the mountain. The house built using oversize concrete blocks and formed as a cubic tower frame with heavy corner pillars.

“The volumes of the various living spaces fill in the frame, starting with one quadrant on the top floor and concluding with three quadrants, four floors below at the living-room level. Unfilled quadrants provide steplike sequences of exterior terraces. A square staircase located almost at the center of the square plan ties the blunt clarity of the massive exterior, the interior is labyrinthine and intimate. Emphasis on the large openings cut into the cubic mass of the house achieves a monumentality similar to that of the local vernacular.”

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