Renaissance is a style which born in north Italy in 15 century. In 16 century, it spread to north Europe, Portugese, and Spain. Then it spread to America, Africa, and Asia. In the beginning, the architects of the Renaissance still follow the old rules that developed in the Roman and Greek periods. But in the next period after the growth of science, the architecture of Renaissance more flourished.

The principle:
The Renaissance theories directed at the architectural form of idealizing the concept of universal Platonic philosophy. Essential tool for achieving the concept is the math (with Euclidean Geometry). It can be observed in natural life forms, nature and proportions of the human body.

Brunelleschi expanding the concept with the mathematical Geometry theorem in the perspective of visual perception.
The Architectural design emphasis shifted to the use of pure geometric forms, with the proportion of visual effects very carefully, and with the mathematical relationships of objects in a space.

The building which used this style are Boston Public Library, Villard House, Vanderbilt House, and etc.

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