Designed by Assaf Israel for Joynout Studio, the shape of this public seating is inspired by water running down a creek and creates a very unique landscape. This public seating allows it to be placed to fit the space given. With the unique shape and modular system, this seating creates a more inviting and relaxed platform encourages natural interactions between different people who use it. More description by the designer:

Water running down a creek, creates a very unique landscape. Rocks are being exposed out of the ground and the abrasion of constant water stream shapes large pebbles which are round, soft-looking and embracing.

The creek symbolizes life: a combination of land and water, a space for peace of mind versus constant noise, changes in accordance with the periods of the year and ceaseless vitality of flow and movement. Not coincidentally, this natural system of water stream, is ideal for relaxation during nature walks and works great in charging our energies.

A research we have done, focused on campus areas, showed that most public seating options are cramped, uninviting, and offer the users limited ways of interacting. There was a clear need among students for a new seating system that would bring different people together in a more inviting way.

The special atmosphere that is often created during a nature hike, when each person finds himself a comfortable rock to sit on, forms a spontaneous and informal gathering. This was the inspiration for a seating system that will help evoking interactions between users.

The D&A system is comprised of 3 modular units (2 meters long each) which can be multiplied and create many types of seating arrangements. Each sequence of units keeps a flowing form, just like a DNA structure. The form encourages sociability but also gives the option of sitting apart – the freedom of choice in how to sit makes it easier and more comfortable for users to start up a conversation or simply sit and watch the world go by.

Photos by Ofir Idan

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