Designed as a relaxing space, it designed by a Colombian architect, Manuel Villa. Placed in the back yard of a suburban family house in Bogota, Colombia, it built to be a place where the young parents and their newborn child can enjoying their activities such as reading or playing, makes the relationship between parents and child more close. Next day, it can used as a shelter for the child to share with his parents or can be used as child’s personal activities and hobbies setting. Built in natural theme, the building mixed with the natural environment around it. Facing to the natural landscape, the building also providing protection, a dwelling area and a peace place for the owner.

The form of the building inspired by the shape’s perception processes the children develop in their first years of life. The selected shape is a Regular Polyhedron, a Truncated Cubic-octahedron, with glass door in front side and small window on other side. Additional window placed on top of the building to supply day light and optimal air circulation conditions. Inside the building, there are a desk and ledge, and also a sofa as a resting place.

src: Contemporist
Photographs: Manuel Villa and Sergio Gomez

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