The New Old Light is a pendant light by KIMU Design Studio that combined two different world, the eastern(Chinese) traditional paper lantern with the western industrial lamp. The lantern part can be adjusted to create a proper light effects for you. More Description:

The idea of The New Old Light was originated from the cross of eastern and western world, geographically and culturally, which is just like Taiwan. We are playing the role of an invisible line connecting both worlds. Inheriting the beauty of Chinese tradition and embracing the innovation of western evolution, it is the chemistry between the east and the west lights up the path in design.

The simple shape of lampshade comes from traditional Chinese paper lantern; it mixes complex industrial style and soft shapes, eastern and western styles, old and modern aesthetics. In our life, we all need different lamps to meet our decoration styles. The New Old Light is able to be adjusted for different lighting effect by simply pulling down the lantern part to switch the lighting effect from directly spot-light to soft-light effect. Meanwhile, due to the flexibility of lantern structure, you can change the length of the lampshade according to your demand. The New Old Light aims to combine culture difference into culture balance perfectly and to create more possibility of your life style.

Lampshade (aluminum with baked painting)
Lantern size (material: paper | steel)
Color:Navy blue | Maze Green | Dawn white

Photographs by Hey!Cheese

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