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This is interesting. Usually a playhouse has a shape of cute house or castle, but this playhouse has a minimalist and modern design. It was designed by David Lamolla, inspired by contemporary architecture. Maybe the design is not perfect for all kids, but some other kids will definitely love it. The structure is built mainly […]

Do you want to make those tables that were made from LEGO? Or built that awesome LEGO castle? It will take thousands or millions to make it true. But don’t you worry, because with this EverBlock giant building blocks you can make those things in no time with minimum amount of blocks. You can create […]

Isn’t it adorable if your dogs get exited when you get home. And with this fence window they can see you coming from the road and greet you right away. PetPeek was designed to allow your dogs to see what’s is happening out there. It will satisfy their curiosity and off course looks cute when […]

Designed by Tania da Cruz, this unique vase will make your room looks interesting and unusual. With the shape of human head, you can decorate the hair with any flowers and plants you like. You can be both florist and hair stylist! I think it is like a head of medusa, but instead of snakes […]

Nature is an amazing thing to enjoy, especially the forest. You can enjoy the green trees with the clean air, birds chirping around you and other animals shouting their language. Is is a peaceful and refreshing place to spend your time. To create this experience more amazing, Birgit Õigus built huge megaphones in the forest […]

Bring the nature to your kitchen, like you have your own wild mushroom farm on your kitchen table. These kitchen containers were designed by Dragos Motica Studio for UBIKUBI, inspired by the eatable wild mushroom found on Romanian ground. With the porcelain body it looks clean and sturdy, while the cork cap gives the look […]