This is a furniture collection by Stefan Diez for Japan Creative, a furniture collection that is made from bamboo and kevlar rope without screws, nails or glue. This furniture collection consists of table and bench that can be assembled easily and can be shipped in flat package. It finished with nothing, instead it uses natural wax property that exists on the surface of bamboo. It looks natural, traditional and beautiful, a perfect thing for both indoors or outdoors. You can see the video here. More description by Stefan Diez:

Soba is the outcome of an enriching collaboration initiated by Japan Creative together with the Yamagishi bamboo shop located in Kochi island in the south of Japan. Soba reinterprets the traditional bamboo bench, an object still used in lots of places in Japan and which became such an almost invisible object, by adding a twist in its construction to allow it to be easily assembled. Both items can be delivered flat pack in a rather small packing unit, which makes the design quite suitable to sell through an online store.

Beside the bamboos, the only material which is additionally needed is kevlar rope, cleverly put together and tighten by hand to results into a very stable piece. Put outside, the pieces will age beautifully, taking advantage of their naturally waxed surfaces, slowly shading from a bright greenish into a light grey.

Photos by Jonathan Mauloubier

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