The Muuratsalo Experimental House, also known as Aalto Summer House, is a house designed by Alvar Aalto in 1953. It located at on the western shore of the island of Muuratsalo, Finland. It is a small house consists of the main building in 1952 and a questroom-wing in 1953. Both of them formed as L-shape. In the internal courtyard, the color of the wall changed from white-painted plastered walls to red brick, finished with different brick patterns, in contrast to the rest of the site, which has been left in its natural state. In the center of the internal courtyard there is an open fireplace.

In The main building there is living areas with the main windows facing the internal courtyard. In the other wing, Elissa and Alvar Aalto’s bedroom has a window with a wooden shutter opening onto the courtyard. The kitchen and the bathroom are in the angle of the L and. There are two exits from the space between functions, one on the east side to the garden and the other to the northern part of the grounds. The path is leading through an venue of apple trees towards the shore and the sauna.

The building described by Aalto as a combination of a projected architect’s studio and an experimental centre for carrying out experiments. It used to experimenting with building without foundations, experimenting with free-form brick construction, experimenting with free-form column structures and also experimenting with solar heating. His experimented continuously in the building, tested different ceramic materials, different types of brick pointing, different brick sizes and the effect of different surfaces. And then, the building used by Aalto as a summer home for the his family until 1994.

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