Mount Saint Michel or Saint Michael’s Mount is a big building in Normandy, France. The rocky tidal island located at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches, it is one kilometer from the country’s north coast.

Many architects take a place of build Mount Saint Michel. William de Volpiano is the first architect who was chosen as building contractor by Richard II of Normandy. He made the Romanesque church design for the abbey. Many underground chapels also built on this building, and now Mount Saint Michel looks like a Gothic-style church.

In the 12 century, Robert de Thorigny reinforced the strucrure buildings and then he built the main facade. Unfortunately in 1204, Breton Guy de thouras undertook the siege of the mount and made the building damaged. Then Philip Augustus offered Abbot Jourdain a grant for the construction of a new Gothic-style architectural.

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