The Morumbi is a residence located on top of the hill Morumbi in São Paulo, Brazil, exactly on the court of the Foundation Maria Luiza and Oscar Americano. The residence designed by Drucker Arquitetura as a research idea of balcony space as fluid and its abstract expression as a mechanism to filter and shade. It designed with large windows, balconies, frameworks that cut the sight of the Marginal Pinheiros avenue and Octavio Frias Bridge, but without compromising the cozy ambiance.

The house using large glass frames to creates the continuity between the interior and exterior. The TV room, dining room and office linked into one environment as a large loft. It also has solar heater, sewage treatment, cross ventilation, polystyrene insulation, windows with heat control, recycled wood, digital control of lighting.

Src: Contemporist
Photographs: João Ribeiro

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