Moore House is a house designed by Charles Moore for himself and houses Moore’s library, folk art and toy collection. The house designed in 1962 and located at Orinda, California. Built using wood frame as the construction, the house has Neo-Vernacular style.

The building only 25 feet square and the base of the roof is supported by a rigid square frame of horizontal beams cantilevered off of four shear walls, make it allows for the corners of the roof to “float”.

“A second house based on an even more extensive set of geometries was built for me in 1961 in Orinda. It includes two aediculas of different sizes, formed by large wooden columns placed to hold up a symmetrical roof over a square plan, though the symmetry of the openings lies abut a diagonal axis, so that patterns are overlaid. There is yet another pattern here, of layers of implied insideness (from the shelves to the shower in one of the aediculas), to enhance the diagrammatic quality of the dwelling without losing the apparent easiness that goes with the location of this little square house on a round meadow in a grove of oaks. Here every decision, from the purchase of the large columns before there was even a design for the house, to leaving off any corner supports which would have solidified the square plan, was taken to press for a kind of toy grandeur, as would befit a (very) small great house”–Charles Moore in Woodbridge 1988.

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