This minimalist and modern sideboard was designed by Performa. This sideboard features several modules that can be slid into whichever position is required. With this system, you can create additional “shelves” between two modules or just put your things beside a module. This modular sideboard will be great for a compact space or for you who loves to rearrange your items. More description by Performa:

Performanuf is a slideboard, flexible yet monolithic in design. gently curved grooves inset into the surface allow the modules to slide smoothly and silently over each other. what you see are the aluminium fronts, uncluttered by fittings, opening on novel foil hinges. behind the folding fronts you find compartments or pull-outs. and you can use the spaces created between the modules as additional storage space.

performanuf modules come in three different widths, two different depths and two different heights, which you can combine freely. You can choose from a selection of walnut, oak, caoutchouc or linoleum from the enclosed range of colours.

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