FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects have designed this narrow house in Shiga, Japan. With only 2.7 meters of wide, this house can show a great integration between each element in the house. This is a nice solution due to the high prices for houses and land.

The project is for the house owned by a young couple and is planned at the unique site 4 meters wide and 35 meters deep. The geometrical restriction of the site is reflected in the internal composition of the house. The building, with a width of 2.7 meters and a total length of 27 meters, is laid out in accordance with the narrow site to draw its outline.

The internal space has been planned to have a long narrow hallway, with which your body senses the site geometry. As you proceed along the hallway you will see the spaces spread out one after another. The long hallway is extended from the entrance on the first floor, led by the footlight through the dining and living rooms, and connected to the raised study at the very end.

It reaches to the idyllic view seen through the large opening of the study where the tapered line of sight from the entrance is opened up.
On the second floor, two hallways are planned to be extended from the staircase that has a top light. One has a green wall aiming for color effect. The vivid green hallway surrounds the balcony, giving an impression of cleanliness to the adjacent bathroom and washroom. The other is connected from the kid room through the bed room to the bridge at the open-ceiling space. It is designed to control light; the light through the light transmissive curtain separating the kid room, or the sunlight from the high-side light in the open ceiling space leads you forward. The end of the hallway becomes a bridge, and the ladder installed there connects the upper and lower spaces to produce continuity. The green wall is used at both ends of the building, providing more impressiveness of the total length.

The hallways laid out in this house are the promenades that strongly impress the site geometry.

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