Sushi D-light (what a clever name) was designed by Studio Beam for Asian ONE restaurant in Tel- Aviv. It is a modern-looking lighting fixture that has geometric esoteric design that was inspired by classic Japanese design. More description by Studio Beam:

This impressive Design project of the Asian ONE restaurant in Tel- Aviv – features a large scale lighting fixture with a Japanese scent, a geometric structure pivoting around itself. Studio Beam’s team successfully cracked the process of building a geometric structure of this size and finding the right technology in order to execute a lighting fixture of this magnitude. The Beam Team processed & computerized the geometry and planed accordingly a main structure, dressed it in a soft shell layer – allowing maximal flexibility of the geometrical design. The Construction technique which consists of a soft shell allowed maximum flexibility in translating the geometric design of the body.

The chosen light source is LED modules, which greatest advantage is low power consumption with low maintenance.

Length: 5 m’, Width: 30 cm, Height: 30 cm

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