Designed by MLPR Architects, this house looks unusual from the front. It looks like collapsed building or massive slab growing out of the earth. The design is inspired by traditional Danish house that have gabled roof. By extending one side of the roof, they create this interesting and unusual design. more description by MLPR Architects:

On a unique site, facing the sea, north of Copenhagen, we are designing an extraordinary residence. The house is a landscapeley paraphrase over a traditional Danish house with the gabled roof. The house is a slab growing out of the earth at an angle.

The conceptual idea arose from the restrictions that was laid out by the very strict local planning authorities, which would only allow 1 1/2 floors and a gabled roof. We wanted a landscaped house and the client wanted something unique. This way the house reinterprets the Danish building tradition in a radical new way.

The house opens up towards the water and towards the road it will be seen as a warm, organic element, with its large openings of glass, it will be ensure a visual contact between land and sea.

Project type: Residential
Area: 600 m2
Status: Completed
Year of construction: 2013
Client: Private Client

Mads H. Lund, Robert W. Paulsen, Sara G. Camre, Ana Brkljacic, Sara Marie Malmros, Joana Pimenta

Photos by Accoya

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