This is a former ambulance garage that transformed into a modern house by Doepel Strijkers together with LEX Architects. You can see the video here.

This former ambulance garage in the centre of Rotterdam borders on a secluded park. Replacing the rear wall with a large glass window creates a direct relationship to it.

The dugout in the middle of the building generates height for a second level. A polycarbonate lightbox with integrated LED lights houses the bedrooms and spans the space above the living-kitchen.

Custom-made cupboard, kitchen and stairs finished in bright orange polyurethane, link the dugout to the entrance hall on the street side and the living room on the park side. Loose blocks on the staircase form informal chairs or function as tables.

The suspended light box functions as a focal point in the movement from the front of the house to the garden. As one moves under the box, views of the park emerge, creating a sequential build up of spaces culminating in the breathtaking view of this green oasis.

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