Salmon Nortje has designed this modern and elegant tap. It has two curving parts where the hot water comes from one and the cold from the other. The interesting part about this tap is that you can see the blending hot and cold water in beautiful Y shaped waterfall. More Description by Salmon Nortje:

The Pavati tap offers an ultra-modern and minimalist aesthetic. All the components of traditional taps such as the spout and dials were incorporated into the Pavati’s body to create an elegant and uniform shape with nothing distracting from its sculptural form. Its body gently curves over the basin and tapers into a larger profile at the top. These lines lead ones eye towards one of the tap’s most unique features, its ability to subtly mix two streams of water into one. This Y-shaped waterfall effect mixes the cold and hot water streams into a single mutual stream and this mixing is purposefully done outside of the tap, within full view of the user. The dual streams will vary in position and size depending on how the temperature dials are adjusted and thus the dual waterfalls also lend themselves to becoming a visual indicator of the current water temperature.

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