This is a modern cuckoo clock designed by Pedro Mealha. Just like nowadays modern houses, this clock has a minimalist and modern design. With the black frame, the colorful front side comes out beautifully in seven different colors. It also equipped with light sensor that will stop the chirping bird when the night comes. More description by Pedro Mealha:

Color-House is a modern cuckoo clock inspired by the original Black Forest cuckoo clocks. It has a black frame complemented by 7 different colors on its face: turquoise, grey, blue, white, yellow, pink and orange. The large pendulum which is as wide as the clock itself swings elegantly through the two side windows which have a natural birch finish.

The mechanism is battery operated (batteries are included) and is equipped with a light sensor so when the sun goes down or the lights are off the bird does not come out and chirp!

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