This is a chair by Guido Lanari and Jesica Vicente that inspired by traditional Latin American Carnivals, trying to show the ludic characteristics of these parties. You can see the video here.

Inspired by traditional Latin American Carnivals, seeks to reflect the essence of its people: “The warm and festive spirit that identifies them.”

These celebrations brought by the Spanish and Portuguese after the conquest, have their own qualities according to the region where they are performed. They are part of the cultural DNA and they are so important to Latin Americans that even declare holidays to carry them out.

Taking the features of these festivities and translating them into design resources and tools, Carnaval Chair is born. This Latin Chair reflects the ludic characteristics of these parties, and renders it in visual motion generated by the twisting of the surface that defines its structure. Its tipology results in a rocking chair, which strengthens the concept “motion generated by the user.”

The materialization of the chair is through the wood as an allegory to nature, and color as sensory expression. It also proposes innovative shopping experience, since the user is able to customize his chair by choosing the type of wood and the colour of both frame and cords. This customization capability is the result of an analogy with the generation of their own costumes for the carnival parties.

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