Designed by Oscar Pipson, this minimalist wooden chair is inspired by animal in Cervidae family (deer). This chair follows some of the Cervidae’s characteristic such as the geometries and joins of its antlers and its strong, tall, aggressive stance. The result is this minimalist and organic chair that looks simple but elegant. More description by Oscar Pipson:

Inspired by the Cervidae (deer family), specifically the geometries and joins of its antlers and its strong, tall, aggressive stance, the Elka Stool is an exploration of organic transitional geometry and multi-axis CNC machining. Focusing on the simplicity of structure and complexity of the curve, Elka finds its beauty in the subtle details; smooth curves, soft transitions and sharp lines that create a strong contrast within its overall geometry. Made of European Beech and reinforced with steel pins, Elka exploits new technologies in CNC machining to create seamless joints and expose stunning topographies within the grain. From a distance Elka stands as a gesture, it’s not until you engage more intimately with its structure that it exposes its hidden beauties to you.

Elka was a project undertaken at Victoria University of Wellington, School of Design, under the supervision of Lecturer Tim Miller and Tutor Alex Buckman. The brief required the design of an innovative item of furniture that fully exploits the qualities/opportunities of Computer Aided Manufacturing for the Salone Satellite 2014. Elka was designed for an 8-axis router but its prototype/model was manufactured on a 3-axis router table, hand joined and finished.

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