Maybe it looks minimalist, a box-shaped side table with no feature at all. But actually you can play with it, literally. Designed by Herr M, this table is inspired by children’s puzzle toys. The top parts can slide like the real puzzle, revealing a little bit of its content. Just remember, don’t put somethings that you need in emergency because you need to slide it like a puzzle. More description by Herr M:

Inspired by a childrens toy we designed the side table “Schiebepuzzle”. The front doors can slide up and down and from side to side showing just a little bit of his content at a time, the rest is a seeking-game – for magazines and the minibar, for bottles, glasses, coasters or a deck of cards. Decent and lightly in impression this side table fits in lounges, lofts, living rooms and everywhere, where small things need a place.

Photos by Marco Warmuth

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