This chair was designed by Andrés Lhima in collaboration with Fernando Landaverde and Zian Fanti. Abrazo, means “hug” in Spanish, comes with a footrest that “hug” the chair when it is not used. This can be achieved by the neodymium magnets it their legs, allowing them to fit each other in a neat way. This chair is simple, minimalist and space saver! The thing you need in your apartment. More description by Andrés Lhima:

Abrazo is a chair and a footrest or ottoman, functional units designed for small indoor spaces.

Abrazo name is given by how the chair and ottoman come together, one above the other and that are assisted in their fixation through a neodymium magnet that are located at the bottom of each of the 8 legs. The seat and back are formed in one piece; like the footrest is produced through mold in which it is bent plywood and wood.

Photos by Tania Vázquez

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