Designed by W. Jan Lee, this chair has a minimalist design with letters “L” and “7” from its name as the arms and legs. It was designed as both chair and table for your corner, allows you to use the wasted spaces in your room. For more description by W. Jan Lee:

” L7 ” is a furniture that can be placed in a corner. It can be both chair and table. I think about where the wasted spaces are in a room when I start this project. Then I got a room, personal space, walls and corner on my note. This is how my corner chair idea comes from. Afterwards, I started to think about what I want my chair to look like. I want to make a chair that has multiple functions but in a clean and simple form. In addition, my chair is not only an individual piece but also can become one of the many chairs in a group. This idea was to play with a modular shape.

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