The Millennium Dome, also known as The Dome, is a large dome on the Drawdock Road, Greenwich Peninsula in South East London, England. It’s built in 1999 and designed by Richard Rogers for an exhibition place.

Unfortunately, the exhibition is not success, and now the building is owned by The O2 entertainment district as the key exterior feature. The Millennium Dome is the largest exhibition dome in the world. The diameter of the dome is 365 m, representing 365 days in one year. In the top of the roof, there’s twelve support tower that representing twelve months or hours. All of that for representing the role played by Greenwich Mean Time.

The building structure engineer is Buro Happold. The height of the dome is 52 m in the midle and the canopy is made of PTFE-coated glass fibre fabric with the scalloped edges. PTFE-coated glass fibre fabric is a durable and weather-resistant plastic.

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