The Marcus Beach House is a house designed by Bark Architects, located on the Marcus Beach, Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. Built in 727 m2 of site area, the house has 260m2 of wide. The house using spotted Gum hardwood Timber, zincalume sheeting, corrugated zincalume, clear & opal polycarbonate, Fibre Cement sheet cladding, timber tongue & groove flooring, plasterboard wall lining and plywood ceiling lining for the material. It built by Murray Wall and the Structural Engineer is Meecham Engineers.

The house has a natural and coastal concept. It makes lightness, transparency, natural breezes and also integrating indoor / outdoor spaces within dynamic patterns of light and shadow to be a simple style which can suitable to the occupants. The main plan of the house is a simple diagram of two pavilions placed either side of a venerable 100 year old Morton Bay Ash. The Morton Bay Ash takes a position as a center stage to the scale, proportions and life of the house around it. The pavilions are linked by a corridor with the view to the light, breeze and garden views of the north. A perimeter wall used to crate a green separation between the garden and a nearby busy road.

The house designed with windows and doors positioned to capture the prevailing breezes, creates an open and light sense on the house. In addition, a timber batten screen hung below the roof structure, filtered a direct sun. On daylight the house filled by sunlight and on night it become lantern.

Photography by Christopher Frederick Jones

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