Until today, the form of the kitchen always changed following the growth of culture and technology. Now to build a modern kitchen, the architect based on triangle principle which declare that the kitchen has three main functions: storage (like a refrigerator), cook preparation and cooking. That principle create several kitchen forms:

  • Single Line(Single Galley Kitchen): This model has singel straight line form. This model of kitchen can be found in an apartment or house which has a long space of kitchen room but not too wide. This form efficient on space but not very effective to used. usually the distances between cupboards are reasonably big.
  • Double Line(Double Galley Kitchen): This model separating between dry kitchen and wet kitchen. It also provide a lot more storage space below the worktop and also have a better layout than a single galley kitchen. Unlike single galley kitchen, distances between cupboards are small. It just in front the others. The important thing of this type is it must have enough space between the two galleys.
  • L Shaped: This model can be applied on limited space kitchen room. It also give a lot of workspace and storage space below the worktop and the distance between the main zones of the kitchen will be minimized. The problem of this model is how to utilize the corners of the kitchen, but it can used as a dining area.
  • U Shaped: This model give a lot of workspace and also the storage space, but also minimized the movement space. It will has a lot less floor area than in any other model of kitchen. When used in a bigger room, one of the legs can be used as a breakfast bar.
  • Island Shaped: This model can be applied in large room  and create an exclusive impression. The stove, the hob and the oven are separated from other kitchen devices. The “island” also can used as a place to eat or as a serving table.

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