The Karaka Bay House located on the edge of a cliff overlooking Browns Island in the Waitemata Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand. The house designed by Stevens Lawson Architects for the clients who had lived on the site for thirty five years in a deteriorating timber house and were keen to build a new home to live in for the rest of their lives. To provide a rich variety of interior spaces, the design is composed of a collection of interlocking concrete box forms of varying proportions.

“A double-height central spine anchors the composition and leads the visitor from land to sea. The stepped cross-section allows natural light to penetrate deep into the house throughout the day. A grand timber-lined spiral staircase connects the three levels vertically, with bedrooms located on upper level, living areas on the mid level and a guest room on the lower level. A ribbon of timber weaves through the house as a sculptural counterpoint to the rectilinear concrete structure”

The windows and skylights are placed on right place to provide a great views and allow sunshine entering the house and creates dramatic effect inside the house. For the exterior, they use textured cast concrete wich is contrasted with the smooth ground concrete walls of the interior.

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