A crib can be a waste of money and space when your baby start grow up. Maybe you can use it as a storage for another things in your house. But still, it is not a real storage. How about a crib which can grow with your baby? This is Growth-oriented Crib by Shang Zhi, Surong Sun, Qi Qiu, Junzhu Zhang, Qiuheng Xu, Haowen Sun, Tao Wen and Jiachao Deng of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. For more information, you can send an email to qiuqi_2008@126.com.

The life cycle of infant products is usually not very long just because the fast growing of the baby, we need to update the products frequently in order to fits his new height or weight. So how to extend the life of cycle seems to be more significant. Therefore we use the idea of “Sustainable Design” in the design of the crib, one piece of wood is made in form of “tooth cutting”, which can bend up the bed body. Moreover we create a structure that can be drawn open, then when the baby gets older, the bed can be bigger instead of changing a new one

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