Size is not everything. It’s true, not only big patio which can be a great and beutifull place. Small Patio can be great if designed to appear larger or give it some eye-catching appeal. One of the method is to create a wall mural to make the patio seems larger. Hire a local artist to paint a scene mural such as a garden, the beach or a landscape. This method same as a trick which make a room appear larger by using mirrors.

Mural is not only the way to painted the patio’s walls. Paint it with ordinary way can be used too. Choose the right color for the patio, lighter colors typically make a space appear larger. Not only the walls, all the accessories should has right color like the wall. For additional, a luxurious natural stone floor can be used to keep natural color on the patio.

Another way to make the patio looks great is to add some accessories on the patio. Use plant hangers, shelves, art, home decor or even a water feature to freshening up for a great first impression. Be sure that the walls can support the accessories before installing it.

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