The house V is a big house designed by Jakob Bader Architecture. The house built on small plot and low cost, but produced a large house. Painted red on the exterior, it has a simple and smart design. A geothermal pump and air-handling system included on the house, makes the operation and maintenance costs reduced. A car parked in front of the house, under the house’s wide upper story cantilever because the house does not have a garage. On the back, the house using wide glass on three side, creates a green view trough a garden where a magnificent apple tree and clump of Firs located. The main bedroom located in the second floor, in the loft, using large glass on the half of the walls and roofs. It creates a fantastic view where the owner can observe the starry night sky, snow flakes or aeroplanes.

Inside the house, the central zone consists of stairs, a library, two bathrooms and two dressing rooms and also an internal chute linking the upper story to the cellar. The house has a modern style but not perfectionist. The house different from other contemporary houses which usually are sexy, smooth and dead boring, it is sculptural and symbolic outside but raw and even abrasive inside.

src: Contemporist
Photography by Kai Arndt

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