This is a house created by an architect who runs Skinotechniki (a company that designs and constructs scenery and sets for the film, stage and television industry), George Papadopoulos, in Lemesos, Cyprus. Built for his family(himself, his wife and his four boys), it located between two narrow streets in Lemesos, about 50m from a sandy beach, one of the most popular stretches in Cyprus. He also created his and his wife work place on same plot, but has different entrance to makes a convenience and privacy.

Most of rooms on the house is faced to the internal courtyard to keep the family together, create a views which not influenced by outside environment and also safeguard the privacy of the occupants. It using aerated concrete blocks for the walls(about 55-57cm thick) that has thermal resistance greater than traditional adobe wall. He using ecological solutions to heating, cooling, lighting and water management for the house. No conventional cooling system installed on this house, just using combination of several elements on the house, decrease a lot of energy that used to cooling the house. The traditional ceiling fans, shaded roof windows and a hallway rising up three storeys, draw hot air out using the stack effect principle. Fish pond also added to providing additional cooling system. A large tree planted in the internal courtyard to create shade area for the house.

The bedrooms has another cooling system. The air from the mountains flows through the open roof lights. On main bedroom, another cooling system added. It using a geothermic system where using a small fan, drawning air from the bedroom through 30cm diameter pipe buried underground and providing a comfortable temperature air back to the bedroom. Children’s bedroom built using lightweight materials -steel and wood- which not store heat on it. For heating system it using diesel boiler.

src: Contemporist

Photographs: Andy Soteriou and Christos Papantoniou

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