Hill House is a big house located in Helensburgh, Scotland. It is one of Charles Rennie Mackintosh‘s most famous works, designed in in 1902-1904. Not only the construction, most of the interior rooms, furniture and other fixings designed by Mackintosh. The house designed for Blackie’s family as their future home. Now the house owned by National Trust for Scotland.

Mackintosh gave big attention to the detail, even for the colour of cut flowers which might place on a table in the living room. For the interior, he used different materials, colors and lighting, makes the great experiential transition from a part to another part. Between the interior and the exterior, Mackintosh made a big difference. He made simple and minimum decorating for the exterior, but for the interior, he made it exotic, carefully decorated and smooth interior effect.

The exterior used grayish exterior treatment, makes it blend with Scotland’s sky when the sky is cloudy. The building used completely asymmetrical construction forms different roof levels and shapes, with minimum decoration, heavy walls, and rectangular and square windows makes it looks as a strong, sober construction.

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