The Hill House designed by Johnston Marklee & Associates in Pacific Palisades, California, USA which offers panoramic views from Rustic and Sullivan Canyons to Santa Monica Bay. Built in 2004, it designed under challenging conditions of hillside slope and creates a new precedent for hillside building. The design is liberating itself from the limitations of hillside building and create sculptural and efficient design solution, that seamlessly engages with the surrounding site.

The house using an elastomeric, cementitious exterior coating material to express the continuity of the building skin and minimize the conventional distinctions between roof and wall planes. For the structure, it using concrete, steel, and timber. To create a stable foundation, it using nine 35-foot deep reinforced concrete piles which anchored into bedrock and tied together by a network of grade beams. On ground floor, it using inclined concrete walls to preventing the house to fall.

Src: Archdaily
Photographs: Eric Staudenmaier

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