The Gunma Museum of Fine Arts is an Art Muesum designed by Arata Isozaki, located in Takasaki Japan. Using aluminium cladding as the construction and also cuboid geometries form, the building makes a sense of modern style. The design of the building is based on the interaction of two architectural systems. First is the skeletal parti of forty-foot cubes as the basic structure, and second is the exhibition spaces, administrative offices, stairways, lighting, and etc.

“The design is based on the interaction of two architectural systems: the skeletal parti of forty-foot cubes (the basic structure) and the exhibition spaces, stairways, administrative offices, lighting, and so on. (the supplemental structure). The series of cubes, laid out on an expansive lawn in a parklike setting, takes the form of one large rectangular block, which houses the main exhibition space, and two shorter, projecting wings. The first of these is perpendicular to the central block and contains the entrance hall. The second, angled off the building’s primary axis, holds a gallery for traditional Japanese art. This wing is elevated above a square reflecting pool, with an open terrace at the first-floor level.” – Arata Isozaki. Arata Isozaki: Architecture 1960-1990.

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