The Glass House is a house made of glass as the wall designed by Philip Cortelyou Johnson. The house built in 1949, located at New Canaan, Connecticut. The building is built as his own residence with minimal structure, geometry, proportion, and the effects of transparency and reflection.

Although all the part of the house is seen from outside of the house, the glass house is not loss its privacy. It’s because the house located behind a stone wall at the edge of a crest in Johnson’s estate overlooking a pond. The floor is made by bricks and the only one room that blocked from outside is the bathroom. The bathroom used brick shaped to cylinder form. It is the only object to reach floor to ceiling.

The house built on 47 acres estate, including the guest house (1949-1950), the pavilion (1962), painting gallery (1965), sculpture gallery (1970), the study (1980), the ghost house (1982), the Kirstein Tower (1985) and the gate house (“Da Monsta”, 1995).

The building is one of Johnson’s masterpiece and an important and influential project for modern architecture.

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