Imagine you are lying outside with someone you love on a hammock. Isn’t it wonderful? But if you don’t have trees or something to support the hammock, how about this rocker lounge by Sveglio? But instead of side to side, it will move front to back like a rocking chair. Volo, which means “I Fly”, “reminds us that life is in motion and miraculously, in balance.” It sure is a fun place to be with someone you love or to be alone.

Volo comes in various options to choose. For the geometric frame, you can choose from white, silver, antique bronze and black. And for the cloth panel, you can choose from Sailcloth Shadow, Canvas Iris, Spectrum Denim, Spectrum Peacock, Heritage Granite or Canvas Tuscan. That are not your colors? Don’t worry, you can order the custom color too!

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