With your smartphone, you can control this table’s light and color as you like. Cupiditas is designed by Amarist, made of Alabaster Stone with backlit from the inside. You can light it on and change the color that suit your mood. You can see the video here. More description by Amarist:

The best handcrafts and a cutting-edge design united to create an emotional piece. Made out of Alabaster Stone, backlit from the interior and remotely controlled via smartphone.

The effect of the light filtering through the cube of Alabaster makes Cupiditas the most emotional piece of furniture today. A very special table that illuminates the most exclusive and singular spaces.

A visually minimalist and geometrically pure design that confers and image of fragility, contrary to reality, Cupiditas is a strong and elegant 6 to 10 sitter table.

The name Cupiditas from Latin, desire; is the feeling that awakes the need to poses the object you most desire. The light that emanates from the heart of the centrepiece colours your emotions.

Cupiditas true to the essence of Amarist, combines the finest materials with the best handcrafts, and avant-garde design with the leading technology.

The WIFI system allows you to remotely control the colour, intensity and transition programs with the RF remote control or via smartphone. The centrepiece Cupiditas is handcrafted entirely in Spain by the best alabaster stone workers. To guarantee the highest quality of the centrepiece Cupiditas, we reduce the complex and elaborated production to a limited number of units per year.

Made to order for each individual client in a two-month time frame. It includes a gold badge with the serial number and the client’s name engraved.

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