These are funny chairs designed by 56thStudio. These chairs have backrest in shape of bad caricature. Yeah bad. But what they say about it? “Bad drawing is a good chair.” It doesn’t make sense, but it is true in case of these chairs. The caricature is based on several icons such as known singers, models, cartoon and movie characters. More description by 56thStudio:

What’s enchanting about the craft of caricature drawing is, we believe, the exaggeration of distinctive features. Most people like their caricature drawing only when it is drawn one step prettier than they usually are. And that is the inspiration for this project, “Caricature as Furniture.”

At the beginning, this project is an exploration of minimal illustration that has eventually expanded into pieces of furniture. We believe that objects possess power of communication; therefore, we decide to take a tongue-in-cheek look at investigating Pop and Hollywood Culture in tangible forms, in hoping that it would make the line that separates Graphic from Furniture become thinner.

Grace Jones is one of our biggest muse of all time, especially for this project. We adore her cubical appearance, (if there’s such term), and believe that characteristics can be portrayed through objects as well. We decided to hijack mainstream cultures and pop icons such as well known singers, models, cartoon and movie characters and used them as a tool for communicating. This project has turned into a playground of minimal lines, quirky forms and glitzy materials.

The result is, just like caricature drawing, a collection of chairs that is graphically sarcastic, animated in its details, and meticulously unique in the craft of upholstery.

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