Gobble Chair is an eco-friendly chair that is safe for your children. It was designed by Form Maker to create educational furnitures that uses non-toxic innovative material. The use of recyclable and non-toxic materials teaches your children to save our planet and frees you from worrying too much about your children. It is made from recycled paper fibers that emits nearly 6 times less CO2 per kilogram compared to plastic. Even tough it is made from recycled paper fibers, this chair is strong enough to support an adult and it is also easy to clean, thanks to the special engineered core and water resistant surface. So don’t worry to use this cute chair, both you and your children sure will love it. More description by Form Maker:

Gobble by Form Maker, is an education driven project aimed at using innovative materials to replace unsustainable and toxic components in today’s furniture.

With this mission in mind, we bring you a collection of recyclable and vibrant children’s furniture. Through Gobble, we hope to instill the great habit of being responsible to our planet at a young age and to change the perception of sustainable design.

Teaching through example is the best way to cultivate these important habits. Sadly, there is a lack of eco-friendly products that truly appeal to children. Most modern furniture and toys are made with MDF which contains harmful toxins or non-biodegradable plastic. Gobble is the solution to these pressing problems by featuring a non-toxic, renewable material that is intended to help your children embrace an eco-conscious lifestyle at an early age.

Our chairs, pen holders, coasters and organizers are crafted with a special material made from recycled paper fibers that emits nearly 6 times less CO2 per kilogram compared to plastic. We are also utilizing water-based adhesives with non-toxic ink to ensure safety for your children and reduce the impact we have on the environment as much as possible. The signature Gobble pieces are lightweight, superior in strength, water resistant and recyclable. Better still, they don’t consist of any toxins that other mass produced furniture contain.

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