This is a clever floor lamp design that allows you to adjust the light in unusual way, by pulling down and up the cone rim. It was designed by Bina Baitel and made of silicone and interwoven optical fibers. The silicone gives the lamp a flexible cone shape while the optical fibers emit light from the bottom of the lamp and makes it as tough the light sources hidden on all of the inner surface. You can see the video here. More description by Bina Baitel:

Reversible floor lamp, Pull Over is a light integrating the principle of variation of intensity to manipulation of its form. It is made of silicone and interwoven optical fibers tied at the base and flaring vertically upwards. An external coat of silicone ensures the rigidity and opacity of the cone thus formed. The inside part of the cone is coated with translucent silicone. By pulling the cone rim down, inside out, more or less, the user modulates the intensity of light, adapting it to his needs. Fully lit, the lamp’s cone is upside down, and the treatment of its optical fibers enables an enlargement of the halo while limiting electricity consumption.

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