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Frequently Asked Question – FAQ

We got a lot of these questions and we try to answer it  one by one. But it seems more than we can handle, so we created this FAQ page. We are sorry if we can’t answer your question personally.


How much is this item? How can I buy this item? Can you ship this item to my country?

Most of the post in marvelbuilding.com has a link to the real designer(s) or manufacturer of the item. You can see the example picture bellow:

The circled name in dark bluish color in the example above is the designer’s or manufacturer’s name with a link that can be clicked to visit theirs website. Maybe it is not an obvious thing, we’re really sorry about that. To answer your questions before, you can visit the designer’s or manufacturer’s website and go to the contact page to ask directly about the price, shipping term, and another product related questions.


Can’t you answer that questions by yourself?

Actually we want to answer it for you, but unfortunately we can’t. Each designers or manufacturer has individual information for their products and we don’t have the complete and updated information for each of items that posted in marvelbuilding.com. It is better for you to contact the designer or manufacturer directly, so you can get the right, detailed and updated information.


How about the post that didn’t have the link?

You can contact us at admin@marvelbuilding.com and provide us with the URL link (the address on the top part of your browser where you usually type in the website URL) of the item in marvelbuilding.com. We will help you as much as we can to get the designer’s or manufacturer’s contact information. Why we say “as much as we can” is because the designer or manufacturer provides no information where they can be contacted (such as website, email or phone number). We will help you to search the latest information about them, but usually we can’t find them either.


Are these products designed/created by yourself?

No, not at all. We collect and receive the unique and interesting designs from designers around the world (famous or not, even the one who still a student but have a wonderful design) and post it in marvelbuilding.com, so our beloved readers (it means you) can see these wonderful design.


For more question, please contact us at admin@marvelbuilding.com