The Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, abridged as EMP|SFM, is an odd looking museum building designed by Frank Gehry in 1999. It located in Seattle, Washington and dedicated to the history and exploration of both popular music and science fiction. The museum has sci-fi and music mixed together. Experience Music Project or EMP was founded by Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder, and opened in 2000. On June 18, 2004, he and and Jody Patton opened Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame or SFM in the south wing of the EMP building.

The structure of the building also designed by Frank Gehry used fabricated steel frame clad with sheet metal panels. It resembles many of his other works in sheet-metal construction, such as Walt Disney Concert Hall, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Gehry Tower. The general contractor of the building is Hoffman Construction Company of Portland, Oregon. The building is about 140,000 square feet of area. In the building’s interior, much of the building material is exposed to give a different impression.

The building gain many critical reviews such as “has created some wonderful buildings, like the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, but his Seattle effort, the Experience Music Project, is not one of them.” by Seattle-based writer Jonathan Raban. Or “something that crawled out of the sea, rolled over, and died.” by New York Times architecture critic Herbert Muschamp. Even Forbes magazine called it one of the world’s 10 ugliest buildings. But Gehry himself said “We started collecting pictures of Stratocasters, bringing in guitar bodies, drawing on those shapes in developing our ideas.”

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