Do you want to help the earth? Use this is an eco-friendly rocking chair! It was designed by PlastiKetic and made of recycled plastic bottles mounted on the wooden frame. You can use it indoor or outdoor, also the seat is easy to replace too since you can find plastic bottles almost everywhere. More description by PlastiKetic:

Kuskus Chair is a stylish rocking chair and eco-friendly seat which is made of recycled plastic bottles. This furniture is the result of a reflection on the possibility of diverting the packaging function bottles for reuse as material in a new product. Each model is numbered.

The bottles are slightly inflated with air to ensure maximum comfort, and if problems arise they can be easily replaced at home. Used both indoors as outdoors, it can be easily moved thanks to the handle at the bottom of the chair. PlastiKetic will take back the product once out of use to ensure that it is properly recycled.

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