KaCaMa have designed this eco-friendly chair that made of recycled polymer cover filled with shredded PP plastic cap. Now you can have a nice furniture while trying to save the world. Description from KaCaMa:

a reborn of PP plastic cap into a flexible beanbag chair for living rooms. With the great craftsmanship supported by local seamstresses, one PP Capsule up-cycling 4,000 plastic caps, wrapping them in eco-friendly fabrics and turning it into a common furniture with care and love to the community and our environment.

Material Information:

Bottle caps are removed and discarded prior to the recycling of plastic or glass bottles and most refuse companies require you to remove the bottle cap before putting the bottle in your recycling box.

This recycled polymer (from INNOVASA) cover used post-consumer PET bottles and post industrial waste which requires less energy to produce than virgin polyester. While recycled poly is not the answer to cradle-to-cradle outerwear-yet, it is the most sustainable fiber that exists in the outerwear industry today.

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