Dunsmuir Flats is four attached apartment flats located in Los Angeles, California. The building designed by Gregory Ain in 1937. The design is very simple, no sculpture or ornament on it, just an ordinary looks building with flat roofs, minimal exterior, and also smooth wall surface each building.

But, the impressive one is how Ain built the four apartment on 49 foot lot, and each apartment must has a private patio, cross ventilation, and sunlight in all rooms, and also has a privacy for each apartment. The interior is quite simple. The living room and dinning room directly towards a small terrace and garden. On the second floor, all bedrooms faced to south and all of them has their own balconies. But the bad part of the apartment is the kitchen. The kitchen is lacks of windows, whereas the kitchen is a room that need a lot of windows.

After all, the Dunsmuir Flats is a perfect design for a small lot with sloping form.

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