The Double-Ex House is a new house design by nARCHITECTS which are added to Hometta’s collection of modern houses for sale. It has the simple iconic profile and material quality of a barn but has a dominant sculptural feature that becomes apparent. The exterior stepped voids travel diagonally up the long sides of the house, meeting in a single space at the top. On second floor, there are cedar decks eneath it extend from the interiors and continues to the third floor in a covered “attic-deck”. A very large eave appearing to float and covers a unique shaded and protected multi-purpose exterior space.

The terrace contains a glazed terrace doors and large fixed glass which make it become semi-exterior terraced spaces and provide dramatic and continuous connections with the outdoors. The main material for the interior and semi-exterior spaces are wood and glass, but the roof and facades can be customized to accommodate local climatic and construction contexts. On the ground floor, there is flowing spaces while on the the second floor contains of three bedrooms and two baths. The house has luminous and simply laid out interior, and overall it is a simple house with a wide range of experiences, light conditions and moods.

“In its iconic simplicity and novel connections between inside and outside, Double-Ex House is at once reassuringly familiar and exciting, general yet one of a kind. Through its various features and options, Double-Ex House is also conceived as a sustainable house that can be easily adapted to a variety of climates and locations.”

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