Sometimes apartments has a boring style with white walls, ordinary furniture and gray or brown carpet. It is more boring when it can’t freely decorated such as decorating own house. Sometimes owners of apartments not allowing renters to paint the walls. To designing the apartments several things should do by the renters.

First thing to know is lease of the apartments. Read the lease carefully to know what can do and what can’t do to the apartments. Some of the owner let the renters to paint the walls as long as the renters agree to return it to the original color when moving out. Try to ask them if painting the walls not allowed. And then if they allow it, get them in writing.

The next thing is the renters can create a new style by changing surface of the room. It can be done by put some plants or flower, add a window box, decorate the walls, place favorite things such as book or music, add some accessories or place some personal photos on the walls.

The important thing that renters should have is a plan. Use a plan to place right furnitures and to control budget. The right plan will make the apartment like a home.

The other thing is a space problem. Many apartments has a small space, larger available space means more expensive the rental fee. To make the apartment looks larger, there is some tricks to do. A mirror on the wall can create a feel that the room larger than before. If the owner of the apartments allowing renters to paint the walls, use light and soft color but has enough of lighting. Use multiuse furniture, free standing shelf units or shelves on walls to provide more storage space.

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